Landscaper Near Me

Sedona, AZ

It's that time of year when our yards need full landscaping treatment. However, when searching online under landscaper near me, we often can't find one in our local area. That's when you call Mario and Mario Landscaping of Sedona, AZ. We are your one stop shop for all your landscaping needs. If your bushes are out of shape, or your lawn has bare or brown spots, then you need us. We serve the Sedona area and all surrounding areas and have been for years. With our years of experience and knowledge, we can take care of your landscaping with the highest quality. We can cut your lawn, trim and shape your bushes, trim the grass around your sidewalks and driveways, and much more. Let us be the one you call to be your full time landscaper. We don't just mow the lawn, we maintain your entire property.

Mario and Mario Landscaping of Sedona, AZ knows what it takes to keep properties looking their best. We use only high quality landscaping products and equipment, such as grass seed and plant food for flowers and bushes. Our staff is very knowledgeable and with their extensive experience, they will turn your lawn into a showcase in no time. We are a full landscaping service, which means when you search online under landscaper near me you will find us at the top of the results page. So, give us a call today and we'll come out to assess your landscape. We can give you an estimate so you know exactly what it will take to transform your landscape. We will look at every part of your landscape and make recommendations on what it will take to get your landscape back into shape. Call us first or call us last, but give us a call today for a beautiful landscape tomorrow.